3s-ge BEAMS VVT-i "Red Top"

After so many questions about this rare engine, i deside to make this simple page

"If engine could be beatiful, this would be the one!"

Few facts:

This 3s-ge BEAMS VVT-i "Red Top" version is generation 4 of 3s-ge and was available in few models sold only in Japan - Toyota MR2 G and G-limited, Celica ST202 SS-II and SS-III and Caldina.

This 2.0-liter 3S-GE BEAMS engine with VVT-i( Variable Valve Timing-intelligent ) produce 200 horsepower and 21.0kg-m of torque.

The production in MR2 wasn´t more than 1000.

Turbo'd Beams VVT-i 3SGE was used in TTE FIA WRC Corolla, but 80 % parts of engine was modified.

There was also "Black Top" version with dual VVT-i which produce 210ps/7600 rpm, this engine was in Altezza.

This engine is used in Japan in Formula 3!

Dyno graph:

Tech notes:

BEAMS = Breakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System

VVT-i = Variable Valve Timing - intelligent

Inside diameter x process (mm×mm) = 86.0×86.0

Aerodynamic volume displacement (cc) = 1998

Compression ratio = 11

The highest output (ps/rpm) = 200/7,000

Largest torque (kg-m/rpm) = 21.0/6,000

Speed change ratio

1st gear = 3.285

2nd gear = 1.960

3rd gear = 1.322

4th gear = 1.028

5th speed = 0.820

Retreat = 3.153

Deceleration ratio = 4.176

Helica LSD